Big enough for heart

I wrote this a while back in response to a very personal piece on House of Heart, about people we had hoped to hold a little longer.

Despite what the movies and the clichés tell us, things don’t always end neatly or beautifully… but it’s worth something that there are still those out there, like Holly, offering a little sanctuary and hope to those who are running on empty…

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there,
shine with you,
watch you grow from
sharpening your poems on blades of grass,
cuddling small clouds
who followed you home,

to lying undefeated on your bed,
checking out phantoms and raindrops
on your windows
after a day stained with comedowns
and air strikes,
holding your breath for fingerstrokes
that gallop on thighs
young enough to believe in adventure.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there
for all of these things,
laugh with you
at the softness of great moments.

But someone has to fill that sky,
let you know
how hugely loved you are…

even when the world sucks at saying it.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there
to hear your silence growing shoots…
to hear your voice
over all those shores…
all those bus stations
and train platforms…

all those journeys
you can only make by being.

But someone has to hold those words…

your words…

written wide enough for sky.

Someone has to hold that heart.

Here in a world where blood forgets.

Published by Woodsy

I am so many little things, so many tiny words, woven here between those tales I think perhaps I need to tell... between those nightlights on the shore. I am a downpour, caught in myself... barely a heartbeat from running away.

24 thoughts on “Big enough for heart

    1. Thank you.
      My heart appreciates that, standing in a memory from my one visit to the Oregon coast, remembering the lushness of the trees there…
      a place fitting for dragons and travellers from mist-shrouded shores… a place where the sea fog really does roll in like a cloud and spill eerily across the coastal road like a scene from a movie.
      A place where the sea plays with boats as though they were children on a trampoline, while whales watch on…
      and brown pelicans unzip the sky with their beauty.

      Liked by 3 people

  1. This would be a great one to hear live. As always, we’ve got some trademark Woodsy styling right from the start:
    “sharpening your poems on blades of grass”. Little turns of phrase like that still blow my mind, and they come at you every stanza, these little gems all getting woven together into a trail of feelings and dreams… “to hear your silence growing shoots…” Ah. I can’t pick many out, every time I go back over, I realise it’s not just the line, it’s the next one and the next one and the next one… Anyhow, you get the idea.
    This is simply beautiful and from the looks of these comments, I’m far from the only one to think so.

    Liked by 1 person

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