Guest Post – Woodsy

Sometimes it’s half a galaxy or half a world away,
connection is connection… 🛸🛸🛸

Lemon Stingray Blues

I’d like to introduce everyone to Woodsy, an urban poet of wonderful talent and a true friend. I highly recommend taking some time out from this world to explore Woodsy’s poetic place. The most excellent piece below he supplied in reply to my request for a ‘poem to attach to a space probe’. More on this project and more guests to come…

That one last silence in my clouds

All those twists and turns and tangles –
wrong turns
and stumbles –
looking for a road,
a river…
a trip not taken
to a place all roads now seem to lead:

to a car with no engine,
waiting for midnight
and starlight
and petrol
and me –

watching clouds,
skimming the windscreen
of a long-lost world…

wanting to touch something different but real…
distant but close…

trying to wear a face that doesn’t fit –
weave it
and weep it

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Published by Woodsy

I am so many little things, so many tiny words, woven here between those tales I think perhaps I need to tell... between those nightlights on the shore. I am a downpour, caught in myself... barely a heartbeat from running away.

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